2001 Space Odyssey: If You Will Permit Me….

We’re in! As of Friday, we submitted our building permit application for our addition to 2001 Noyes in Evanston. We had previously submitted drawings (a couple of times….) to the zoning department to get their approval. Our original design required a zoning variation that we did not get. It was a bummer, but that happens... So we re-designed and obtained a different variation that will allow the project to move on to the Building Department for their review. Evanston recently updated the requirements for residential additions and renovations to reflect the community’s commitment to sustainability. In addition to meeting the International Energy Conservation Code (2012 version, in case you were wondering…) the city now requires that projects also incorporate three additional green building measures from an approved list.  Since creating high performing buildings is what we do, this was a snap.  But it does go to show that codes and city requirements are always evolving.

Thomas AhlemanComment