Lincoln Street Residence


New and old; the owners of this early twentieth century home are very comfortable with both. To accommodate their growing family, they wanted to add a fourth bedroom on their second floor while also creating a master suite.  They also wanted to renovate their kitchen and add an office and family room open to southern light and their lovely back yard.  The owner’s eclectic approach to style was summed up by the way they had furnished the home; flea market antiques find themselves sitting comfortably next to mid-century modern classics. This addition and renovation takes its cue from this approach: the second floor extends the traditional, steep roof to the rear, but cantilevers past the first floor addition, protecting a generous back deck.  A small dormer provides head room for a new master closet, the steep roof creates a ‘tree-house-like’ master bedroom and two bedrooms are created from the space formerly occupied by the master at the front of the house.